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Staging Your Home Office For In-person and Virtual Meetings

by Virginia Cooper

Image Source: Pexels

For entrepreneurs working from home, their office needs to have the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism. The office not only serves as a place to work but also as the venue for client meetings, presentations, and networking activities. Additionally, with the onset of COVID-19, your office needs to have proper health measures in place to ensure the safety of your family and guests. In this article by All Aspects Marketing, we provide you with an in-depth guide on how to create the perfect home office for in-person and virtual meetings.

Make It Convenient

If you expect to have frequent guests, it’s best to have your home office in a room close to your main door or have a separate entrance. As for the office, ensure it has large windows leading to ample natural light and good ventilation. In addition, reduce clutter as much as possible, to have sufficient space to comfortably move around.

Buy the Right Furniture

As reported by Desk Advisor, individuals sit in an office chair for more than six hours daily, which has led to an increase in cases of back and neck pain in addition to vascular diseases. To provide you and your clients a comfortable working environment invest in these essentials for your office:

Ergonomic Office Chairs: These chairs promote good posture by providing proper neck, back, and arm support. Additionally, all supports are cushioned and are often adjustable to suit your preferences.

Adjustable Desk: The perfect way to compliment your chair is by having an adjustable desk that allows you to work both sitting down and standing. This will provide you with the flexibility of working and giving presentations as per your preference.

If your furniture has undergone wear and tear, and you’d like to spruce it up before an important meeting, consider hiring a furniture upholstery service. To find the best services in your area, conduct an online search for “reupholstery near me” or similar. The cost will depend on the size of your furniture, choice of customization, and the type of fabric used.

Invest in Good Lighting

As reported by Phillips, natural light is best when it comes to increasing productivity by making individuals feel active and alert. However, installing lights that mimic its hue such as high-quality white light can provide the same effects. These are also ideal to host in-person meetings as they provide the same feel as being in a corporate meeting room.

But when it comes to virtual meetings, no one likes watching a presentation where the speaker’s camera is dominated by glare. An effective solution is to install indirect lighting such as lamps with solid shades. These provide the same amount of illumination while significantly reducing glare.

Include Safety Considerations

To make your clients feel comfortable visiting your office and to safeguard the health of your family, choose to invest in the following technology:

Air Purifiers: A high-quality air purifier rated by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) will clean your air of dust, toxins, and other harmful particles, significantly improving air quality in your office.

UV Lights: When installed properly, UV lights in your HVAC system can kill close to 100% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi in your home.

Cord Organizers: As your office will have multiple electrical gadgets it’s important to have proper cord management. This includes using microfiber ties, cable raceways, and installing under desk cable organizers. In addition to making your office look clean and professional in front of clients, it reduces the risk of short circuits and trips.

While after implementing these steps you will have an amazing home office, it's important to maintain a balance between in-person and virtual meetings. While projects of high importance are best discussed face-to-face, look to utilize technology to automate other projects and responsibilities, such as:

● Investing in payroll software to make timely payments to vendors and employees

● Utilizing project management software to track project progress and employee productivity

● Using video conferencing tools to host full team meetings or client pitches with various stakeholders

By following the above-mentioned tips you will have a home office that provides you with the perfect environment to work and host meetings.


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