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Managing Know-How: The Newest Construction Trends That Are Guaranteed To Attract Customers

Construction trends are changing at the speed of light. Some stay with us for a year, others are gone in a few months. As 2017 draws to a close, we are looking toward the newest construction trends that are waiting for us in the new year.

1. Drones

If you haven’t used one of these unmanned aerial vehicles yet, you are far behind. They’ve been the hottest trend of 2017 and they are not going away. The appearance of drones changed the construction business drastically. They simplified access to remote locations, helped with the project progress evaluation and assisted with safety inspections. Every year, drones get more and more responsibilities.

2. Micro Buildings

The reduction of living space is becoming a trend. More and more Americans are having a hard time paying for the maintenance of their large homes. Eventually, this leads to debt. In the New Year, smaller living spaces are sure to be trending. Customers are starting to realize that large houses are not just costly; they are environmentally unfriendly and downright unnecessary.

3. Operating Software

While the rest of the world is relying on mobile gadgets to plan their lives, the construction industry is doing its best to keep up. A modern construction site involves using the mobile-operated software. A variety of construction apps are already available making site management simpler.

Optimized workforce coordination, performance reports, tracking, job scheduling, billing, invoicing, and much more allow the managers to create an ideal construction site. They have an opportunity to spend more time dealing with important matters that demand their immediate attention while touring the construction site without actually being there.

4. Job Site Safety

The construction site safety is under serious scrutiny. The safety requirements are becoming harsher while the attention to the sites continues to grow. The new mobile apps allow managers to improve the workers’ safety by recording observations, tracking workers, and analyzing the data. This allows them to react faster to critical situations and prevent accidents. Improved job site safety speeds up the construction process.

5. Green Buildings

The green trend is becoming stronger with each year. 2018 is about to bring us more green buildings that save energy and money. The growing concern for the environment is making the green trend more and more popular. The government is working on new regulations that promote the energy efficiency of modern buildings. Solar-powered homes are trending and driving the near end of coal power.

6. Modular Construction

Modular homes are gaining popularity from year to year. The demand for these buildings is increasing and modular construction is offering an opportunity to build them faster. They reduce the impact on the landscape and the risk of incidents. These homes are cheaper and safer to build.

Of course, these six trends are only a part of what we should be expecting in the New Year. Other factors, such as smart buildings, 3D printing, and polyaspartic coating are also worth considering.

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