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4 Key Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Construction Business

Construction businesses of the past grew their business mostly by word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals. The construction businesses of the future will lean heavily on digital marketing strategies. The construction businesses of today are a mix of both.

While word-of-mouth and customer referrals are still a vital part of your marketing strategy, as a construction company owner you should begin relying heavily on digital marketing.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is vital for any construction company since it offers easy tools for contacting the target audience. While there are many social media platforms to take advantage of, the utilization of Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter can be a solid addition, as a means of increasing the customer base for your construction business.

A construction company can take advantage of the following social media marketing tools:

  • Facebook Ad Manager

  • DriftRock

  • AdRoll

  • DrumUp

2. Create Viral Content

Viral content creation is vital to the digital and online marketing campaigns. Even though an average construction business owner has sufficient information to create great content, hiring a specialist that can put it in a nice wrapper is a smart move.

Your best friend is the target audience’s eyes. Give them some construction candy by providing before and after photos of your completed project sites. Order professional photos to make your work even more attractive.

If you want to excel at digital marketing, create blog posts. Ideally, they should be a part of your excellently designed website. Blog posts should contain information that your potential clients are interested in. In order to find out what’s trending, you can hire an SEO expert or use a few online tools.

  • Google Trends

  • Answer The Public

  • TrendSpottr

3. Optimize Your Website

The website is your key marketing tool so it must be impeccable. It should be easy to navigate and contain important information. If you want to increase the conversion rate, the road from loading the website to ordering your services should come down to one click. Straightforward service booking through a website can bring you thousands of new customers who are too lazy/busy/scared to pick up the phone.

The website must have extensive information about your business and contain an interesting blog. Most companies opt for hiring an SEO expert to deal with the website optimization. Such experts will bring more traffic to your website, which will increase the conversion rate.

4. Rely On Existing Clients

Capitalizing on existing clients is another smart approach to construction company marketing. The returning customers often help the business grow. That’s why it’s important to focus on staying in touch with “old” clients by making them new offers. It’s often a much easier way to secure a contract than to look for fresh leads.

However, the construction business owner must realize that none of the above marketing strategies work on their own. So as to help your business grow, it’s imperative to utilize a combination of these strategies and, at the same time, not forgetting about the word-of-mouth approach and customer referrals. In most cases, it’s difficult to create a solid marketing campaign without hiring a few experts.

Need Social Media Marketing Help?

Contact All Aspects Marketing, LLC for your Digital Marketing Needs!

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