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The Latest Marketing Trends in the Construction Business

New technologies are changing the way construction companies market their companies. Knowing and utilizing the latest marketing trends will help you stay on top of your game while boosting profits and attracting new customers.

Taking advantage of these new ideas in the marketing realm is the key to a successful promotional campaign for your business.

  1. Add a Video

Videos are becoming more and more trendy since, for many people, they are easier to comprehend than plain text. By adding a video clip to your website, you can increase the conversion rate. Of course, the theme of your video should be construction-related. But here’s the question - what can be truly interesting about the construction business?

  • A short video (accelerated version) of a small project

  • A leaf-through the achievements of your company

  • The before and after videos of your projects

Having an attractive video can help you market your company anywhere on the internet. You can re-post it on social media and add it to emails.

2. Work On The Content

Content is the marketing king and it’s getting harder and harder to create a worthy piece. The latest trend in the construction business world is to hire a specialist to create engaging construction-related content in order to compete with other websites.

Google algorithms are bringing the axe down on spammy websites while users are getting tired of reading the same information over and over again. Hiring a team to keep content viral and fresh can substantially improve marketing efforts.

3. Test Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Marketing experts are taking a closer look at the headsets. Even though the technology is in its infancy, the marketing world is watching the trend.

Meanwhile, augmented reality (AR) is already being used for many marketing purposes. Since most of the potential customers use mobile devices, the marketers are developing new AR apps to engage the audience and bring it closer to the virtual world.

4. Trust Artificial Intelligence

Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are not just fun to chat with. Users are relying on these personal assistants to help them with research. Meaning construction industry marketers have to change their campaign to help these AI technologies find them. Their development is advancing further and further so the construction businesses have to be up to speed.

5. Use Data Visualization

“Big” data plays a major role in any marketing campaign. The amount of information collected by marketers about consumers is overwhelming. Each company can find access to a variety of insights about gender, occupation, buying behavior, hobbies, etc. However, knowing all this information is only part of the process. Marketers need a way of interpreting it and that is where the data visualization comes in. It can help simplify the information to help make meaningful insights.

6. Employ Marketing Automation

Construction companies are taking advantage of marketing automation to simplify the advertising process. Many social media platforms offer automation tools such as post scheduling or content creation. However, automation should be used with care. Too much of it can take the “humanity” out of marketing and may lead to losing potential customers.

Need Social Media Marketing Help?

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