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“Home Builder Marketing Advice - Why Builders should be using 3-D Renderings to Market there New Hom

Ever wonder how to attract a buyer for your new home property you are selling? So many potential buyers can’t visualize what the home of there Dreams could look like.

Marketing your new home project with 3-D Color Renderings can help sell your home faster and more efficiently. When using a black and white flat image, it makes it difficult for your buyer to visualize the home being built. Most customers can’t see the depth of the home in a flat drawing. A 3-D image allows for shadowing, a beautiful blue sky in the background, lush green grass & landscaping. All of these features can really help your home create a reality for a potential customer. They can visualize themselves living in that home.

If you are offering several lots or a development, multiple elevations can help market the home being sold which will allow for different fronts of the homes to help make your development more inviting.

Color renderings can offer different options for buyers too:

  • Multiple Elevations Styles

  • Various Siding Colors or Materials

  • Brick or Stone Veneer Options

  • Different Roof Line Changes

  • Various Trim Details, for example-picture framed windows, shutters on windows

Another advantage would be to customize the exterior of the home in the rendering for a potential buyer. Even though you may be offering multiple options for your homes, many buyers like to customize there home. This helps them feel like they had a part in the design of there home. The color rendering can be modified for your buyer to help them visualize the changes. There may be additional cost for this service, but it could be the difference between a sale or no sale! Modifying a rendering can be a lot cheaper then making construction changes to the home for your buyer before you get to far in the building of the home. Plus it might help you pre-sell before you even start the home.

In the end, by marketing your new homes with a 3-D color rendering image, your home buyers will be drawn to your new homes faster then your competition who does not use color marketing materials! Color Renderings have a tremendous value not only for the builder, but for the potential buyer.

Need 3-D renderings for your new home projects?

Save time and generate beautiful color renderings to showcase your new home product.

Contact All Aspects Marketing, LLC for your next Marketing Needs!

Basic Line Image Builders tend to use for Marketing below.

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