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Home Builder Marketing Advice: "How To Boost Your Construction Sales!"

If you are in the construction business, you know how it can dramatically change at any time depending on the country’s economics. Marketing is vital to making sure your company stays afloat during the toughest times. A smart approach to promoting your business can help you boost sales and outplay the competition.

Step 1: Outline Your Goals

Before you proceed, you have to understand what you want to achieve from your marketing plan.

  • How much of a revenue boost are you hoping for? (Be realistic)

  • What time frame do you hope to achieve it? (Set approximate figures for 12 months)

  • What are your budget limitations?

  • What steps are you already taking to achieve your goals?

Step 2: Do a W.A.S.P analysis

A W.A.S.P analysis can help you start creating a marketing plan while providing you with a clear perspective of what you can achieve.

W (Weaknesses) – What are the areas of your company that require improvement in order to increase the revenue? What areas lack a competitive advantage over other companies? Do you have staff shortage or budget problems?

A (Advantages) – What does your company do better than anyone else in the market? What is your competitive advantage? Go back to the successful strategies that helped you improve your business in the past.

S (Struggle) – What problems do you face when trying to achieve your goals? Perhaps some market conditions are affecting the well-being of your business? Perhaps some business processes are being replaced by new technologies? What else do you struggle with?

P (Planning) – What services do you plan to offer to achieve your revenue-boosting goals. What opportunities does the marketing offer? What competitors’ weaknesses can you take advantage of?

Step 3: Understand Who Your Ideal Customer Is

In order to understand which audience to target, you have to design the “ideal customer”.

  • What age is the customer?

  • What’s the gender?

  • What’s the occupation?

  • What’s the location?

  • What types of blogs/websites/magazines do they read?

  • What are their interests and goals?

  • How do they communicate? (E-mail, messengers, phone)

It’s important to note that the perfect customer may change with time, so it’s vital to keep this “ideal” persona updated.

Step 4: Create A Website

If you haven’t done this already, create a company website. Today, people are looking for services online, that’s why most of the marketing strategies have moved to the virtual space. You may want to invest in an SEO specialist to help make your website more accessible for search engines.

Once the website is ready, you can take advantage of such online marketing channels as social media, PPC advertising, blogging, and more. The variety of marketing tools available online is huge. Many of them are free. For example:

  • Google Webmaster Tools

  • Google Analytics

  • SEMRush

  • MailChimp

  • AnswerThePublic

Step 5: Analyze Other Opportunities

What other directions can your business take? Perhaps your marketing strategy shouldn’t just focus on construction as you know it. Get creative about other solutions such as renovation, green building, modular construction, and micro buildings. Perhaps your city offers some restoration projects you can take advantage of.

Following industry plans allow you to stay ahead of the competition and boost your sales using a creative approach.

Step 6: Develop A Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy might seem complicated but all you need to do is identify the platforms that can help you achieve your goals. Most of them are online. You have to take advantage of social media, internet marketing, SEO, and the like.

Step 7: Monitor The Results

The most important part of any marketing strategy is checking the way it works. Analyzing the results on a regular basis can help you make important changes in a timely manner. Some marketing strategies need to be changed along the way. It’s better to make complicated adjustments than to waste time and money on a useless strategy.

Need help with Marketing your business?

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