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“Home Builder Marketing Advice – Don’t Skip this Simple Step when Marketing Your New Property”

“Home Builder Marketing Advice – Don’t Skip this Simple Step when Marketing Your New Property”

What is the #1 trigger for a new home buyer? Emotion! This is essential to draw in the homebuyers to look at your new home project. How do you do this you ask? Professional Photography can be your first resource to gain your buyers interest.

Times have changed, drive by clients are limited. So many potential buyers don’t have the time to just take a day to spend driving throughout neighborhood after neighborhood to view homes that a builder is offering in a development. Every buyer is time conscious, which means home buyers are looking for the fastest way to see what homes are offered in a short amount of time. How does a builder accommodate that? Photos!

I can’t tell you how many builders we’ve spoken to that haven’t kept any type of photo portfolio of there previous products that they have built. They would build the home and sell it. Once they were done, they would move on. Most of them would never think of taking a photo for a record of the home. They figured worst case scenario, the new buyer could just drive by it. They didn’t feel that they even needed a portfolio of some sort.

According to (2016 National Association of Realtors-The profiles of Home Buyers and Sellers)

Buyers found the Home they purchased:

  • 51 % Internet

  • 34% Real Estate Agent

  • 8% Yard sign/open house sign

  • 4% Friend, relative or neighbor

  • 2% Home Builder or their agent

  • 1% Directly from seller or knew seller

  • 1% Print newspaper advertisement

With the statistics above, where do you see the most influence on a home being sold?

The internet! Which means, high quality professional photographs is the first impression that is essential for your new home sales?


  • What if they are not local to the area and it’s not easy to just drive by the home?

  • What if the buyer is relocating from another state?

  • How do you showcase what you have built previously?

Photo’s can speak a thousand words for someone or even a million words. Many people can’t visualize which makes it even more difficult. Listings with professional photos typically sell for more money… not only that, they sell quicker!

It’s time to think outside of the box. Get creative: Builders should be taking photos of there projects from the start of construction until the end of construction. The photos tell a story of the construction of the home. Sometimes it helps a potential buyer plan out for later when they might want to finish there basement, or possibly put an addition on or renovate, etc. If home buyers aren’t sold on the images, they see online, chances are they will move on.

The photos then can be posted on a website for each new home project. It also can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or even which has become very popular in the home photo marketplace. Houzz is everything focused on homes, whether it is interior or exterior photos.

Now, here is the biggest issue of all. How does the builder go about taking the photos for the project? Well, they can take them themselves, but they may not develop as professional looking as they need. The quality just may not be there. They may look grainy, the lighting may not have been quite right. The home may not be staged correctly, or even the photo angles may not be right to showcase the home properly.

Here is where a professional can come in.

  1. Homes need to be staged. An empty home give no emotion, yet a poorly furnished home can be equally bad. Removing personal artifacts can help potential buyers not be distracted and focus on picturing themselves living in the home.

  2. Photographing with the proper lighting and correct angles are essential. This can bring out the best features of the home. Each room in the home needs to feel extremely desirable.

  3. Good photos are all about preparation, which includes time of day and setup. Before the shoot, the photographer will typically scout the property to review the spaces that will be photographed. They may even take to some sample photos to verify proper lighting.

  4. Once the photos are taken, the builder will be presented with photo selections. The final chosen photos will be enhanced to help that the sky, trees and grass are perfect.

In the end, the home buyers will not be thinking about why they love the photos, they will only know they love the home! Professional photography has a tremendous value not only for the builder, but for the homeowner & potential buyer.

Need Professional Photography?

Save time and generate beautiful photos to showcase your new home product.

Contact All Aspects Marketing for your next photograph session!

Here are examples below between Non-professional & professional photo's)

(Non Professional Photo)

(Professional Photograph)

(Non-Professional Photograph)

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